Things to be Aware of After You Close. With Ted Topouzis and Matt Bates.

There are several things that a buyer should be aware of when they close. Ted Topouzis from Topouzis & Associates and Matt Bates from Movement Mortgage discuss this on The Round Table, and how they handle post closing procedures.  They also explain how they maintain relationships with their clients following a sale.

What You Should Know After You Close

Below are a few points made in the video about what to be aware of after you close.  Emilio, Ted, and Matt go into much more detail, so for more information be sure to watch!

  • Your real estate professional should keep themselves available to you after closing.
  • Matt asserts that if you receive any questionable mail after closing, to contact your mortgage professional immediately.
  • Questions regarding paperwork?  Contact your real estate professional and they’ll be happy to explain anything and everything.

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