What if a Tenant Dies in Your Property? With Greg Rice.

What do you do as a landlord if a tenant dies in your property?  Greg Rice with Nexus Property Management discusses the steps to take to deal with such an unfortunate situation.  In the case of Nexus Property Management, the steps are as follows:

Nexus Property Management Steps

  1. Send someone to assess the situation.
  2. Contact the local authorities.
  3. The first person who encountered the deceased tenant gives their statement to the police accompanied by any witnesses.
  4. The police remove the body leaving a bio hazard site to clean up.
  5. Nexus contacts the insurance company and files an insurance claim for the home owner to assess any damages.  Clean up and repairs are taken care of as well.
  6. Nexus discusses the events with the tenants.
  7. Lastly, Nexus will begin looking for new tenants.

For More Information

To learn more about Nexus Property Management and the services they provide, visit: www.nexuspropertymanagement.com.