RI Blogger’s Top 5 Events in Rhode Island – Including Some OktoberFest Events!

It’s that time again! Jennifer Geaber from RI Blogger joins the show to give us the breakdown on the Top Five Events in Rhode Island for September and October 2018.

Top 5 Events for September and October 2018

  • Oktoberfest Party!! – September 29th
  • 28th Annual Mist to Mews Canoe & Kayak Race – September 30th
  • Oktoberfest 2018 – September 29th
  • 6th Annual Fall Festival @ Mapleville Farm!! – September 30th
  • Oktoberfest @ Bold Point Park – October 6th

For more on events and happenings in Rhode Island, you can go to RI Blogger’s website below. There’s so much more than what is listed here. We hope to see you there!

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