Real Estate Q&A Questions and Answers Video

Emilio DiSpirito answers YOUR questions about real estate in this very informational clip from The Round Table Podcast! Some of the questions from this segment can be seen below:

Home Sellers

Q: What is the biggest turn off for buyers when talking into a home?

A: A mess!  This is what we would include in a “mess.”

  • Non-manicured lawn
  • Grass not cut
  • Bushes a mess
  • Green Moss on house and roof
  • Dirty floors, dirty walls
  • Dishes out
  • Non-staged and prepared home
  • Odors

Q: What is the most awkward experience you have had when walking a buyer through a home?

A: The sellers were sitting in the living room in pajamas, the house was a mess and their son was sleeping in one of the rooms.  Do not stay home during showings.  My buyers were so repulsed they did not even want to finish the tour.  Even worse, there was no agent to let us in and the house was on lockboxes.  We entered to find these lovely surprises.

We don’t want to spoil the whole thing, so be sure to check out the video above for more questions and answers!

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