Moving Checklist, with George Metz and Matt Bates.

George Metz of G Metz Moving & Storage and Matt Bates from Movement Mortgage discuss what you should have on your “moving checklist.”  So that begs the question…

What Sorts of Things Should be on the List?

Copying the entire list here would defeat the purpose of the video.  Instead, check out one of the most important points made in the video, below.


Stop reaching out to moving companies and begin getting quotes and available dates once you have a real estate agent and receive your pre-approval letter.  This allows you to plan accordingly, and will help the whole process flow a lot more smoothly.

For detailed information on why this is important and for more items that should be added to your list, be sure to tune in.

A working example of a proper moving checklist can be seen on the GMetz Moving & Storage website:

Moving Checklist

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