Managing the Expectations of a Home Inspection, with Mike Auger.

Mike Auger, with Patriot Property Inspections calls in and explains what a home inspection involves and what you should REALLY expect and what NOT to expect.

What IS a Home Inspection?

  • Their job is to evaluate the property and give the client a summary of the conditions of the property
  • Think of it as a learning process!  You may learn something new about the house, or receive general information you should know.

What ISN’T a Home Inspection?

  • It is not to create a repair list for a seller.  Many buyers expect the seller to service all of the things a home inspector finds.  This is not often the case.
  • It is not a warranty!  Home inspectors are there to help you plan as a new homeowner.

This topic is covered in more detail in the video, so be sure to watch!

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