How Difficult is it to Gain a Client’s Trust? With Greg Rice and Matt Bates.

The answer is:


Greg Rice with Nexus Property Management, and Matt Bates with Movement Mortgage discuss this in the studio today on The Round Table.  Gaining clients’ trust can be considered somewhat of an art.  Being able to see, hear, and follow a professional, be it a Loan Agent, a Mortgage Advisor, or a Franchise Owner, can make a world of difference on how clients view you.  This trust can in turn create strong professional client relationships in the long run.

Matt explains his system with clients, and Greg offers a really cool anecdote about Emilio from a few weeks ago to demonstrate this point.  Be sure to check out the video to learn more!

A Few Talking Points

  • Developing a streamlined process can help facilitate things along.  Eventually it will become second nature!
  • Greg explains that being on the show creates accountability, which can increase your credibility.
  • Transparency is huge!  Especially in marketing.

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