How to Find the Right Listing Agent to Sell Your Home, with Greg Rice

9 Essentials You Need To Know When Selecting the Perfect Listing Agent to Sell Your Home!  Emilio talks about questions to ask and things to know before hiring a listing agent.

Talking Points

  1. Drive around and see which agencies are prevalent.
  2. Google agent reviews for your state.  Do your research!  Consider the bad reviews as well and how they are handled.
  3. Once you find a few that appeal to you, contact them and measure their response time!
  4. Don’t be shy, Emilio explains.  This is a business transaction!  Also, don’t hire a part-time agent!
  5. Does the agent have systems in place?  Find out!
  6. Be observant of the agent’s behavior!  Do they listen more than they speak?
  7. Don’t fall into the pricing trap!
  8. Marketing.  They need to SHOW, not TELL!

Emilio covers these points more in depth in the video, so be sure to watch.  Also, feel free to leave a comment if you’ve found these tips helpful or have something that you’d like to add!