The Costs of Selling a Home, with Melissa D’Ellena

Melissa D’Ellena, from D’Ellena Law, joins the show this week to discuss the costs that go into selling your home.

A few points from the video are listed below.  These are things that sellers should know about factoring in the total costs of selling their home.

Costs Related to Selling Your Home

  1. Sellers must complete a Seller’s Disclosure Document.  This is required by the state of Rhode Island.  If the buyer discovers defects in the home after performing a home inspection, it must be listed on the Seller’s Disclosure.
  2. Seller’s must understand additional costs associated with selling their home!  These are things that many sellers may not even think of.  As such, most real estate agents will create a breakdown of the numbers so that they will know what the bottom line is going to be.
  3. Sellers must also keep in mind that they will likely have to adjust for real estate taxes, for final water and sewer bills, repairs costs, final mortgage payments, legal representation, and other related fees.

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