Common Misconceptions People Make About Realtors, with Lauren Peters.

The DiSpirito Team’s own Lauren Peters joins The Round Table to discuss common misconceptions buyers make about realtors.

Debunking Common Myths About Realtors

1. You Have to Pay Your Realtor.

Sellers pay for the Realtors, NOT the buyers!  Real estate commissions come from the seller’s side!

2. Realtors Do Little Work for a LOT of Money.

Realtors typically work around the clock, which includes nights and weekends when everyone else is off!  It can be difficult to balance work and home life especially around holidays, when clients typically have more available time.

3. Realtors Only Care About the Transaction

Realtors like Emilio and Lauren stay in touch with their clients, well after they close a sale.  Having been through the entire buying or selling process, they want to make sure you have all your bases covered.

4. Looking for a House Before Being Pre-Approved.

This is strongly DISCOURAGED!  You may find your dream home but not be able to put in an offer.  Always get pre-approved months in advance so that you can sort out any issues if they arise.

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