Changes in Rhode Island’s Flood Insurance Program, with Lauren Peters and John Castore.

Did you know that only 13% of homeowners in the Northeast have some form of flood insurance?

The DiSpirito Team’s very own Lauren Peters, and John Castore from Semper Home Loans discuss changes in Rhode Island’s flood insurance program this year.

Some Points From the Video

  • In 2017 the rates are due to rise an average of 6.8% and cap at 15-18%.
  • FEMA redoes the flood maps every single year, because Rhode Island’s coast line is constantly changing.  This can affect your rates.
  • Changes include the program becoming privatized, rather than being handled through the federal government.

National Flood Insurance Program

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Be sure to tune in if you’d like to learn more about these changes and what this means for you.

For More Information

To get in touch with John Castore, and for more information on Semper Home Loans, visit their website.