Can Color Affect the Price of Your Home? With Greg Rice and Matt Bates.

Greg Rice of Nexus Property Management and Matt Bates from Movement Mortgage discuss whether or not color can affect the price of your home.

Color Can Determine Your Home’s Value?

The answer is “Yes!”

Emilio shares a study Zillow conducted where they determined that interiors that were painted using light blue shades or gray increased sale price by around $5400.  For the exterior, neutral colors dominated the market and increased this value even more by $3500.

Surprisingly enough, even the front door can affect the price of your home!  Studies found that buyers preferred a dark navy blue or a slate gray painted door, raising the sell price by around $1500.

The Total: $10,414

What Colors Should You Avoid?

Keeping this in mind, Emilio explains that you want to avoid a primarily white home, as it can sell for much less!

Tune in to discover why and how color can play a role when selling your home and how you can use that knowledge to your advantage.

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