What is the Best Way to Sell My Home in Fall and Winter?


The winter and fall months have typically seen fewer sales than the warmer months.  But, why?  Some homeowners do not want the traffic or mess during the busy holiday season, while others are simply misinformed.

Below are some tips to ensure that you can sell your home during the colder months of the year.

Tips for Selling Your Home During the Fall and Winter

1. Warm and Inviting Homes Sell Faster and for a Higher Price!

A buyer will appreciate a warmer home!  Keep the heat set around 68 degrees for a comfortable temperature.  A warmer temp will also prevent your pipes from freezing, which could lead to some costly repairs!

2. Use Energy Efficient LED Light Bulbs!

Make sure that the exterior of the home, both the front and back, are very well lit.  This makes your home safe and inviting. This is also the same for interior spaces.  Pay special attention to lighting in the kitchen, bathrooms, and living areas.  Also be sure to place lamps in rooms without overhead lighting.

3. Make Sure the Property is Maintained!

Curb appeal is a must!  Make sure you have a clear safe path to the door clear of snow or debris.  You can also offer serious buyers a copy of your Pre-List Home Inspection Report.  This will show buyers that you care about your home enough to hire an inspector to asses the safety and efficiency of your home.

4. Stage the Interior.

Staging the interior of your home will help buyers feel more at home themselves, rather than having to imagine a space from a blank canvas.  Hiring a reputable home stager is also an option, but make sure they have an inventory that will compliment the style of the house!

5. Baked Cookies!

Hold an open house and sell some baked goods and offer hot beverages to your guests!  Appealing to a buyer’s senses can help create a positive association between the experience and the home, itself.

6. Use Data to Determine Your Home’s Fair Market Price.

Price your home according to the market and not your emotional ties!  Homes that are priced properly sell more quickly than those that are not.

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