Approximately 80% of Americans Don’t Have This… With Greg Rice

Greg Rice from Nexus Property Management joins Emilio and talk about the one type of insurance that 80% of Americans don’t have that would be useful after all of the hurricanes. So tune in if you’d like to find out more!

Flood Insurance

  • $35,000,000  of the property damage occurred during the recent hurricanes was not covered by flood insurance.
  • Another thing to consider is that while FEMA is responsible for covering some of the damage.  However, this coverage is capped at $25K and it is a loan.  This is essentially a second mortgage on your home, the the damage of which could have easily been covered by flood insurance.
  • Did you know, in Rhode Island, we’re still seeing properties damaged by floods that occurred in 2010!

Ultimately, a little protection goes a long way, so flood insurance is worth looking into to protect your home from future disasters.

For More Information

Visit the Rhode Island State of Emergency website for more on Floodpain mapping, and Flood Insurance Rate Maps.

To learn more about Nexus Property Management and the services they provide, as well as franchising opportunities, check out their website below: