3 Ways to Store Your Personal Belongings, with George Metz

George Metz from G Metz Moving & Storage joins Emilio to discuss 3 different ways you can store your personal belongings with their company.

1. On-site storage

Storage container is brought directly to the property

Great for people who have a lot of boxes and packing early on.

Reduces costs on both ends

Perfect for DIY!

2. Overnight Storage

Belongings are kept on the moving truck in a well secured facility for a night or so.

3. Long-term Storage at Facility

Different options depending on what you need, space-wise.

For More Information

Visit the following link for more details on your storing options with G Metz Moving & Storage: www.gmetzmoving.com/storage

To learn more about the services that G Metz Moving & Storage provides, visit: www.gmetzmoving.com.